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21 Guinea Pig Breeds That Make Wonderful Pets

These were vessels that made port in West Africa as part of the transatlantic slave trade. The second part of the name also originated with Europeans, who compared the squealing sound the animal made (as well as the taste of its cooked flesh) to that of a pig.
Piggy Lovers United is a fun website about 12 adorable cavies. It includes photos, videos, artwork, and great info on how to raise a happy guinea pig.

Do Guinea Pigs Like Water?

In some cases where parents have refused to give children their medication, they have been placed in care. ‘The Blueprint has that kind of potential of reimagining our relationship with health and time, and we really could be on the cusp of something dramatically different and better,’ he added. ‘My conscious mind is never consulted about what it wants to eat, my body is,’ Johnson said in a 40-minute YouTube video outlining the details of his morning routine. As part of what he calls Project Blueprint, Johnson lives according to a regime that looks more like a full-time job.

As long as guinea pigs have adequate food, water, and safety, they may spend as much time with their human as possible. Some enjoy napping and cuddling with their owners, as well as exploring outside their cage. For your cavy’s safety, never let them wander the house alone. Watch for any low cords that could be an electrocution risk.

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Liquid C, a human supplement sold at most health and nutrition stores, is a pleasant tasting liquid and is easy to administer. The guinea pig pair itselfIs the pair a mature, bonded pair with a known personality? Remember, pet stores frequently missex animals and knowingly Glambu people or unknowingly sell a pregnant female or a breeding pair. The more you know about the pair you are considering adopting or buying, the less risk you have of some of the other issues in this list. However, you should be prepared to deal with it, if it happens.

Many tend to be skittish at first, which is understandable in a pet store, breeder, or animal shelter situation. Ideally, try to pick a guinea pig that is relatively calm when it’s approached and who is relatively okay with being handled. This guinea pig breed is affectionately known as “the lunk” and stands out for their very long, rough, and curly coat. This rare breed is found primarily in Nordic countries, such as Sweden, Norway, and Finland. This is definitely not a beginner’s choice, as their voluminous coat requires regular care. Baby guinea pigs don’t stay babies for very long, however, so usually only breeders get to see these teensy versions of the adult pets we all love.

Aspen or kiln-dried pine shavings are good, inexpensive bedding. Hay/straw can be used but is messier to clean and not as absorbent. The recycled pelleted beddings on the market are very nice but more expensive.

At Cavy Spirit, we have a lot of anecdotal and experiential evidence of guinea pigs being happier living with another guinea pig. There is the rare guinea pig who is happier being a loner, but it is very unusual and definitely not the norm. Abyssinians are particularly affectionate and gentle, making them a great choice for first-time guinea pig owners.

Try moving them into a more active area of your home. A slight change of scenery might be good for them. Also, consider getting your guinea pig a stuffed animal friend. If they start to eat or tear it, then of course, remove it. Check the Toys page for additional ideas and advice on keeping a guinea pig happy.

There should be no obvious areas of hair loss and your pet should move around on all four legs easily without lameness or pain. Their teeth should have normal alignment with no swellings or sores around the mouth. In general, a non-breeding pair of guinea pigs does not cost much more, in time or money, than a single guinea pig. The Peruvian Guinea Pig’s long locks (which can grow up to 2 feet!) make it a popular with owners who like to show their cavies (yes, there are guinea pig shows). It’s one of the oldest breeds of guinea pigs, and the ACBA also recognizes the Peruvian Satin breed.

Get practical pet health tips, articles, and insights from our veterinary community delivered weekly to your inbox. Guinea pigs are known to urinate and/or defecate during the handling process from stress and movement. This can be useful as part of a health exam, by visually inspecting the urine or bowel movements for signs of illness. Look for signs of blood in the urine or loose bowel movements, in addition to any other abnormalities. Guinea pigs have a relatively high metabolic rate and require nearly continuous eating. They are strict herbivores and should never be offered animal protein.

The hair eventually falls over their head in the front and sweeps outward on the sides and rear. When the coat reaches its full length, it’s almost impossible to tell the pet’s head from the rear. The Peruvian requires much more grooming care than a short-coat guinea pig. Peruvian guinea pigs tend to be calmer than other breeds but have a curious, alert nature. These pets are not as common as other guinea pig breeds, as their hair does require more care. Guinea pig, (Cavia porcellus), a domesticated species of South American rodent belonging to the cavy family (Caviidae).

If the pair is still young, adding an older male usually works and a young one could work but perhaps not as well as an adult. You already have one female and one neutered male? Imagine being abandoned on another planet with no other human to see or talk to. Just some giant alien creature who tries to kindly interact with you every so often.

Olfactory and auditory contact with other animals is also usually desirable. From Social and Behavioral Requirements of Experimental Animals. Bonding with You versus the The Other Guinea PigA common concern we hear about getting two rather than one guinea pig is that the guinea pig won’t “bond with me” if he or she has a friend.