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3 Top Dos And Don’ts For Single Women Dating After 50

I know I will continue to have great accomplishments with or without a man in my life. I simply don’t want kids, and date someone in their 30’s or early 40’s would feel like I was raising a kid. My point is, it is really confusing out there. Women want a good man, but the don’t seem to be able to rid themselves of some occasional visitors that many men see as a red flag to a long term relationship.


For most guys who like to feel like the sh#t , it is tempting, you get swept into it, and makes it hard to look at women my own age or older. I realize the idea of that type of commitment these days makes men like deer in headlights. With that said, I’d be happy with an exclusive relationship with a man where we make each other a priority.

If this is a statistics game, I need to figure out my niche, not give up. And I just escaped a horrific situation with a husband obsessed with younger women/people… if I need to wait forever to get into a healthy relationship, I guess it’s okay. Hi, I am 72, wid0wer, my wife had been sick for 10 years, some time at home, then a Care Home, then a Nursing home. I have been out with some ladies, I am amazed. They were or were old enough to be nannies, They are nothing like you would think of a nanner.

I don’t want to be in that situation again but I also don’t want to be alone. Just look at the very big list of demands that these very pathetic women want from men nowadays. Quite a list of demands that most women now want from us men unfortunately. Most of you women are total losers altogether as it is since you’re better off to get a cat for a pet and grow very old all alone with it. Without authenticity….being open, honest, and genuine……there isn’t much hope for a real connection.

How can you live without sex men of all ages ask? You exercise more and stay away from sexual imagery as much as possible. Women want men that are interested in them, not sex. Sex blossoms out of a marriage where both partners feel safe. I had not had sex for two years when I started dating again. It took several weeks for me to be able to get and sustain an erection.

Ignore the rules and think about the real issues.

I started to wonder whether there was something wrong with me or with my own profile, but then I received a reply from a lovely lady in her early forties who was divorced with three children. She is of Philo background but lived in Aust. We had a meet up, my first ever, and have been dating now for about 8 months. We have heaps in amigos common and connect on so many levels. Sexually we are a perfect match and this has been a revelation after never being really all that sexually compatible with my ex wife, despite having 5 kids. I still am nervous about getting taken advantage of, and is she just looking for some finance to look after her kids, but so far so good.

Try dating outside your “type.”

Tinder can be too aggressive for someone fresh out of a 20-year marriage, while Bumble can give an older woman control over her preferences and allow her not be bombarded by messages, women say. Unfortunately this is one of the most frequent complaints we get from our readers, where they feel they aren’t a priority for their boyfriend or husband. They always seem to have some excuse as to why they can’t spend some quality time with you like they used to. When deciding on the right age for your next dating partner, keep in mind that your age ranges will shift as you become older. For example, if you begin dating someone who is 20 when you are 26 years old, they are inside the permissible age range, but they are at the extreme limit of your minimal age range.

I’m a simple hard working woman who appreciates a hard working man, that doesn’t need the glam to be happy. I hope men that read these posts are aware not all women are gold diggers or impressed with men who flaunt their money. This is coming from a divorcee that turned down alimony after a 20 year marriage.

I’ll probably end up single and a bit lonely but so be it. I can’t force myself to be attracted to 50yr old woman if I’m not. I am male and dating In my 5os have no sexual dysfunction and am as my female friends say a good catch . But even though I am trying to date may own age group they all seem to be very intent on having a man who doesnt need sex . One of my women friends told me they need a connection. After 5 dates and 300 questions, all boxes ticked she still didnt have a connection……..

That is why the married people have all the advantages in the world since they’re always together most of the time going to different places and trips with one another. And us single people will always be alone which really sucks altogether, especially with most of our friends being all settled down. And God forbid going to a restaurant to eat out all by ourselves which many people will just stare at you since they’re with their families which makes it very uncomfortable for us as well. For many of us single men and women which as you can see it has a lot of disadvantages. I read your article twice just to make sure I had a handle on it. Here is my dating experience since my wife tossed me to the curb in 07.

We’ve been together for 10 years, married for 7. He gets erections when he light my cigarettes for me. He takes care of me while I take care of him. He still tells me I’m the woman of his dreams and I believe him. Women have a huge advantage in their younger years because they have beauty on their side.

I have been getting sex in some form since my early teens and living without it right now is super tough! What I’m finding though is that I’m able to do more for others than I ever was before. For example, I’m writing this when normally I would never try and help someone out. If this helps someone, then I’m glad.

Its much better to have a partner, so women were much more serious about dating then. Now the women I meet have raised kids, own a home and are financially independent. Dating to them is like buying shoes, you try them out for a while and if they don’t fit you toss them.