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How To Know If Youre A Highly Sensitive Person

Don’t show any impatience, don’t make them feel like a burden. All of us process things differently and you really don’t want someone, especially someone you love, to dismiss your feelings. They live in a world of emotions and dreams so if they can’t share these things with their S.O., they’d feel like there’s something missing in the relationship.

A Brief Guide for Dating a Highly Sensitive Person

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Highly sensitive people make the most loyal partners.

Appreciate, love, and support them for they are super heroes. Highly sensitive people are always thought to be weak. Highly sensitive people undoubtedly have it hard in society. They are usually told to be bolder, louder, more extroverted and outgoing. Research shows that HSPs have more active mirror neurons (which helps them empathize and understand other people’s behavior).

If they share about their abusive mother and you ask about every detail like you’re a detective, they might be transported back to that memory they wanted to forget. One question might trigger a bad memory and you don’t want that. If you’re with someone sensitive, it’s almost a given that you should be the one who’s more patient and level-headed. It should be a give and take because that’s how relationships should be. Well, for a start, Rudá isn’t your average shaman.

So what does an HSP need in order to trust and love their partner? Highly sensitive people are natural advisers because they listen carefully and empathize with your situation. They won’t tell you something for the hell of it, because they truly want to help.

#15. DON’T let them get stuck in dreamland

HSPs aren’t all serious people but there are some jokes that highly sensitive people don’t find funny but it still depends on the person. That’s what I love about my fellow highly sensitive people. What other benefits are there in dating an HSP? A highly sensitive person really understands what you go through, even if they aren’t going through the same thing themselves. They are born with an innate empathy, and truly feel the pain of others. Her research also suggests that relationships are generally less happy for highly sensitive people.

Dating highly sensitive person

Highly sensitive people, or HSPs for short, experience life on an amplified level, and our relationships follow suit. You’re in love with a highly sensitive person because they’re deep and introspective. Reading this is a good first step but go ahead watch some Youtube videos or read books. It is the first step to having a happy relationship with a highly sensitive person. Vulnerability is one of those things you don’t realize you were missing in your relationships until you finally experience it. If someone can open up and let the other person in, you have a chance at feeling really tapped into your partner.

At the same time, I’ve spent entire days in bed with people I’ve loved. I want my partners to know the little details of my day-to-day life, and I want to know theirs, too. Since we’re often knee-deep in our own vast world of brain activity, HSPs are pretty prone to overstimulation. Sometimes, I’ll find myself boiling over with a million exciting things to share with my partner. Originally identified by psychologist Elaine Aron, high sensitivity is actually a genetic personality trait. There are so many people out there who see their value and won’t even make them feel bad for feeling more intensely than the regular person.

Fighting is a trigger for a HSP because it’s intense and it takes them a long time to get past the rush of emotions. It’s even worse when there’s yelling because it has an overall affect on their body. Their emotions are at a high, they’re on edge and it’s difficult to keep control. They don’t like how this feels and will do what they can to avoid fighting. You need to be aware of this because this means that problems will be ignored and will get worse until it turns into an even bigger issue. You have to find a way to deal with problems in a calm, quiet way so that fights are avoided and the two of you learn how to communicate better.

But for HSPs, who often experience the world in a deeper, more intense way, it’s often easier to forge more meaningful relationships. HSPs tend to have deep bonds with certain people in their lives and are often seen as a supportive friend. “But it’s also OK to limit our time with people we feel are too draining,” says Dr. Childs.

Similarly, Dr. Orloff noted that empaths often struggle with anxiety and depression. When it comes down to it, the key is to embrace your sensitivity rather than work against it. Sensitive people make incredible leaders, partners and friends. We have high levels of empathy and we’re usually creative and perceptive.