Is Chantel Everett Dating Love And Hip Hop’s Rich Dollaz?

He’s a noted family man, and would do anything for his baby mama and daughter Ashley, which he’s made clear time and time again. Chantel and Pedro from the TLC series The Family Chantel each filed to divorce the other two months ago. In divorce documents, viewed by Media Take Out, Pedro claims Chantel stole money from him and Chantel claims that Pedro cheated on her and abused her.

She stuck around for several more seasons and brought plenty of drama to the show, not the least of which was due to her ongoing alcoholism. Rob Kardashian has kept away from the spotlight of his family’s reality show empire ever since his relationship with Blac Chyna melted down for us all to watch in real-time. After that, he walked away from the cameras and decided to keep his life private.

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Hopefully all’s well that ends well for the “squad,” as Rich Dollaz called his family, and things can start getting back to a relative “normal” for everyone involved… Even Miracle’s husband, which sounds like a very complex situation in and of itself. In the Reddit thread, fans discussed how Rich, a self-professed “creep,” could be just the first of many celebrities who might want to date the beautiful Chantel. Some fans joked that Rich looks a lot like Chantel’s dad Thomas Everett and 90 Day Fiancé star Pedro mixed together.

Is Chantel Everett Dating Rich Dollaz?

And Pedro connected in person for the first time in Pedro’s native Dominican Republic, where they got engaged. TLC cameras chronicled Pedro coming to the United States on a K1 visa, and the subsequent family drama that unfolded over the 90 days. The pair wed in 2017, amid family turmoil and eventual physical fights. It’s not unlike the deluge of reactions that flooded Twitter more than two years ago, when Styles was first confirmed to be dating his Don’t Worry Darling director and costar, Olivia Wilde. The two were together up until just a few months ago, when it was revealed in November that the pair had gone their separate ways. The second night of Married At First Sight’s final vows looks set to feature one of the most savage break-ups in the show’s history.

“Tommie Lee, and I don’t know, all I am saying is — you know how sometimes you mess up in life and you can do better? Maybe she is doing better in life, and she has presented herself more of a better woman to Rob.” In addition to her work as a music promoter and reality show star, Lee has quite a history of criminal activity. She has allegedly been arrested at least once a year since 2003.Her past charges include things like forgery, fraud, driving without a license, battery, and shoplifting. She got a lot of attention in 2018 when she was arrested on the grounds of her daughter’s school for showing up drunk and attacking her middle school-aged daughter.

He’s not new to TV and may even be someone you’ve heard of before. Erica Adams has established herself as a talented, confident, and successful woman. She started her music career at a young age, and she was able to release dongs like ‘shoe fetish,’ ‘Valley girl,’ among others.

She was the first female rapper to have a record — and sparked the first-ever hip-hop beef, the Roxanne Wars. Shanté courted controversy in 2009 when her claim to possess an undergraduate degree and a PhD was disputed by the Slate writer Ben Scheffner. Since Dollaz has not revealed any girlfriend to the public as of July 2022, fans assume he is single or might be dating lowkey. He revealed this in the season 8 premiere of Love and Hip Hop New York in 2017. Rich’s uncle and grandmother succumbed to the same disease, and he knows people who lost limbs or eyesight because of it. “Of course, I am going to do everything in my power to make sure that she doesn’t go to jail,” Rich said.

Rappers getting in trouble with the law has become such a cliché that it doesn’t surprise people anymore. Rapper Khaotic is one such rapper who also happens to be very talented and ambitious. He is one of the brightest lights on the hip-hop/rap scene in Miami, Florida, and people are eager to know more about him.

The first three seasons of Chantel and Pedro’s show more or less revolved around their equally dramatic family members. ButThe Family Chantelseason 4, which premiered in June this year, showed that the cracks in Chatel and Pedro’s marriage were crystal clear. While he started his new career as a real estate agent and Pedro and Chantel even bought their first home together, fans caught several clues about their split on the show and on Instagram. But the news of Pedro filing for divorce in May was truly shocking to fans who may have suspected that the couple was indulging in harmless drama to amp the show’s ratings. But The Family Chantel season 4, which premiered in June this year, showed that the cracks in Chatel and Pedro’s marriage were crystal clear. Upon their reality TV debut in 2016, Chantel and Pedro revealed how they met when she was looking for a Spanish teacher and he wanted to learn English.

Mona Scott is a TV producer who is best known for producing the popular VH1 reality series. Therefore, reality TV star Shay Johnson has an estimated net worth of $500,000. We’re not sure if this is just another storyline for Love & Hip-Hop fans to watch, or if this is a real relationship. When her husband was in prison, she was pregnant with her third child and gave birth during his imprisonment period. Although they started to date in the year 2009, their relationship was not smooth like butter.