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Kissing Booth: Lee Is Secretly In Love With Elle Theory Explained

Riley catches James and Beth kissing one day while practicing a duet, and eventually breaks up with him. Jiley eventually gets back together after James finishes a list to gain Riley’s trust again thus mending a large sever that had formed within the fandom. Their relationship continues with only a few minor predicaments until Alfie arrives and James goes to London for Bangers & Mashups International Hip-Hop Extravaganza. Riley clearly begins to harbour feelings for Alfie, but tries to fight them until she kisses Alfie.

She confides in Marco about her relationship issues when she refuses to talk to Noah. Talking to your friends about your dating problems isn’t inherently a bad thing, but Elle avoids confronting her issues with Noah directly by talking to Marco. They kiss, which Noah sees, but Elle fails to deal with the aftermath of her decision and runs away from Marco and ignores him until he kisses her again at the kissing booth. While some may say “all’s well that ends well,” it’s impossible to ignore the sheer amount of lies between these three characters. Elle and Lee’s friendship is not healthy, as it’s defined by rules and dishonesty. Lee and Rachel’s relationship is similarly toxic as Lee fails at every turn to make her feel loved and prioritized.

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The other big plot element in The Kissing Booth 2 involves the question of where Elle will ultimately go to college. Her plan had been for her and Lee to go to UC Berkeley because that’s where their moms became best friends, but Noah wants Elle to apply to Harvard so the two can stay close together. The two of them since then have been open about the struggles of their personal lives being under the scrutiny of the public eye and media. If you’re already done watching Kissing Booth 2 and shipped Elle & Noah’s relationship all along then we have news for you. Back in 2021, there were rumors that Sadie was possibly dating Patrick Alwyn —brother of Joe Alwyn, who is currently dating Taylor Swift — but those rumors have yet to be confirmed.

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One big character, Gibby, was a HUGE fan favorite since he first appeared on-screen. Played by Noah Munck, Gibby was an instant scene stealer and one of the show’s best characters. But main cast member Jennette McCurdy, who portrayed Carly’s longtime best friend named Sam Puckett, won’t be part of the show. Sam’s absence was explained early in the premiere episode of the revival. In fact, none of the iCarly reboot characters are far off from their real ages.

Thus, Alfie suggests that they go on a trip and tells Riley to meet him at the airport. As opposed to meeting Alfie at the airport, Riley takes a flight to London and reconciles with James without telling Alfie. Alfie waits at the airport for hours but, heartbroken that Riley is not showing up, takes the jet back to Switzerland.

The movie follows the development of Elle Evans and Noah Flynn’s relationship as Noah attends college at Harvard while Elle finishes her senior year in Los Angeles. The franchise seemingly glorifies romances and friendships that are characterized by unhealthy communication and dramatics. However, the third film has just been confirmed by the cast and there will no doubt be plenty more heartbreak to come. However, others disagreed and felt Elle’s relationship with best friend Lee is just as disrespectful to Lee’s girlfriend Rachel. Elle finds herself struggling to juggle all three of her commitments throughout the rest of the movie, including dealing with her dad’s new super-serious girlfriend, Linda.

She told Men’s Health in 2008 that she originally envisioned herself in the medical profession. “I moved to California not to pursue acting but to get out of Albuquerque,” she said, referring to the New Mexico city she grew up in. “I started working right away. I had four jobs.” One of those jobs was as a surgical assistant, according to the outlet.

Noah then begins to lie to Elle about hanging out with Chloe in an incredibly misguided effort to spare her feelings of jealousy. After linking the earring to Chloe, Elle assumes Noah cheated but doesn’t tell Noah she knows who the earring belongs to. Instead, she lets her feelings sawyouatsinai com search without registering simmer and kisses her friend Marco after they win the Dance Dance Revolution contest, while Noah watches from the audience as he intended to surprise Elle with a visit. “The Kissing Booth 2” dropped on Netflix in July, following on the success of the first film’s release in 2018.

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He is elated when Abi becomes a member of B-Troupe and attempts to woo her, albeit awkwardly, whenever he can. Abi comes to develop feelings for Noah, but it oblivious to Noah’s feelings for her and believes his awkwardness to be avoidance. At the party before A-Troupe’s departure to Miami for Internationals, Noah and Abi ultimately get to dance together.

The Flynn and Evans matriarchs first met when they were both at U.C. Not only did Lee and Elle grew up with each other, but they also share birthdays, so it was easy for them to become best friends. By the time Elle’s mother died due to some illness, Sara Flynn stepped in to be her pseudo-mom, making her almost like a family.